2-Stroke Petrol Brush Cutters



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Added Benefits:

  • Trimming branches of trees and hedges
  • Light-cutting of grass around residential areas
  • Heavy weed-cutting or light-trimming of bushes along roadsides or in fields
  • Can be used on flat ground and steep terrain

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Model PNBC260A-3 PNBC520-3
Displacement (cc) 25.4 51.7
Max. power (watt) 700 14500
Idling speed r/min 3000 2800
Fuel mixture 40:1 40:1
Fuel tank capacity (ml) 650 1200
Ignition system C.D.I C.D.I
Pole diameter (mm) 26 26
Weight (kg) 5.6 7.5

Cutting head

Light-weight 2-stroke engine

Handgrip control