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Recharge with SENCI Inverters

When your solar system fails to recharge your battery, a SENCI Inverter will get the job done.

Year end Closing

Please note that we will be closing for the festive season from 1pm on Thursday 21st December 2023, and re-opening on Monday morning, 8th January 2024.

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Please therefore make sure that you stock up well in advance with any equipment or spares you may need over this period.

Our workshop will close on Wednesday 14th December. As we are attempting to complete all jobs in the workshop before we close, the last day for receiving units for repair or service is Monday 4th December.

We would remind you that all items sent to our workshop are stored at your own risk and would greatly appreciate your assistance in ensuring that anything sent in for service/ repair is collected before we close, because of the risks involved in leaving the items unattended over the Christmas period.

We thank you for your continued support over the past very tough year and wish you all a safe and blessed festive season, and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2024.

With best wishes HOFFMANN POWER TEAM

African Skyhigh en Hoffmann span saam

Saam maak hulle plan om ‘n plattelandse gemeenskap te help om infrasturktuur te herstel.


We are giving back to our loyal customers. 

Congratulations to Marius van Zyl!

“I would like to use this opportunity to recognise the staff at Hoffman Power. I would refer to it as “POWER IN SERVICE”

I have had a Hoffman generator for more than 10 years and the reliability of the unit itself is at market leader level. Not one day have I had any challenge until Sunday 20 August 2023, when the unit failed to start and cut out by itself. I went to the Hoffman website and was pleasantly surprised that their office in Johannesburg was already open at 07:30 the Monday. Not often these days in South Africa that companies are open to provide service so early…..I arrived at 07:25 and the doors were open and people were moving around. I hardly stopped and the security person was already completing a form and the technician arrived to enquire how he could assist. Unfortunately I did not get his name. They assisted me to offload the unit form my vehicle and asked me how they could assist and this is where the “POWER IN SERVICE” started. I explained the problem we experienced and then I asked for them to go the extra mile, and boy did they go the extra mile.

I am a proud grandfather of a second baby boy, two weeks old, and my kids were stuck without power as the cable was damaged in the Germiston area by the zama-zama activity in the area. Suffice to say, they were dependant on the power to ensure the baby was taken care of. The technician made a comment on the service slip that there was a baby involved and urgent support is needed. He did inform me that he could not promise to have it attended to same day as they had other work in progress, but would see what he could do. At that time he asked another employee to assist and explained the urgency, and again they tried to manage my expectation and did not want to over commit.

Boy!!! Was I amazed to get a phone call around 12:00 from  Ruby, advising she was ready to send me a quote and needed my e-mail address. I provided and literally two minutes later Ruby phoned back advising she got an out of office form me. Who still does this level of service….absolutely amazing. I advised that I could get my mails on my phone and verbally accepted the quote and asked them to proceed. I got an e-mail at around 14:40 advising the repair was completed and my unit was ready for collection. This surpassed my wildest expectations and I struggle to find the words to show my appreciation. I arrived just after 15:00 and met Ruby in person. She had my paperwork ready, accompanied me to get the payment made and then arranged for the loading of my unit that was in the wash bay. While waiting a few minutes for the unit another technician, and unfortunately I missed his name as well, approached me to give me feedback on their findings. A small issue with a  bolt and some new gaskets and a throttle unit on the carburettor and the machine is running smooth as new…..and best of all at a very reasonable price. I also had a small remark from I would guess the senior manager saying…”I believe you are the guy with the baby (showing this was discussed throughout Hoffman Power and support as given by all)…….and then he gave some advice about the oil level and taking care of the machine…

So this testimonial is for every person, from the security guard, the technician, the sales person and the senior managers. You are real people with caring hearts. Your level of service and Customer focus is beyond words. Keep up the great service as Customer satisfaction lies in the “POWER IN SERVICE.”

Would I support Hoffmann Power in future……FOR SURE, WITHOUT A DOUBT!!!!”

Marius van Zyl

Marius is our 1st winner for 2023. He is walking away with a PNBC260A-3, 2-Stroke Brush Cutter. Thank you for your heartfealt letter that was chosen as the 1st winner. 9 Prizes to go. Not too late to enter. Send your letter today: win@hoffmannpower.co.za

Congratulations to Dana Nagel!

Graag wil ek van die geleendheid gebruik maak om die besigheid Hoffmann, Gauteng asook die personeel, by naam Bennie, te bedank vir die uitstekende hulp en diens wat ons die afgelope jare ontvang het ten opsigte van al ons aankope en veral met die 4 kragopwekkers wat ons aangekoop het asook die onderhoud dienste.

Jy en jou span word opreg waardeer!”

Dana Nagel – PG Glass Potch

Dana is our 2nd winner for 2023. He is walking away with a PNBC260A-3, 2-Stroke Brush Cutter. Thank you for your sincere letter that was chosen as the 2nd winner. 8 Prizes to go. Not too late to enter. Send your letter today: win@hoffmannpower.co.za

Price Increase - 1 Sept '23

We will, as we have done in the past, absorb as much as possible of this increase and providing the value of the rand does not deteriorate further, we anticipate an increase of approximately 8 – 10% over most of our product range.

We would remind you that while we are happy to accept backorders for items of which we are out of stock we cannot hold the price of these items and they can only be supplied at the new increased price once they arrive.

Please therefore keep this – and the volatility of the rand – in mind when quoting.

Our new price list will be sent to you within the next 10 days.

Please be assured that we will continue to offer you our very best service and strive to keep our prices as competitive as possible.

Yours sincerely


We regret to advise that rising costs and the continued volatility of the Rand against, in particular, the US Dollar, have made it necessary for us to review our prices.


Please note that we will be taking stock on the following dates and will therefore be closed for business : 31 MARCH 2023


The offices and workshops of Hoffmann Power will be closed on Monday the 20th of March due to a National Stay Away call, this could affect the safety of both our customers and staff. We will reopen Wednesday the 22nd of March 2023. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


We are very releaved to let you know that our phone lines are working again. Please make use of the landlines.


It is that time of the year again. Hope you have a good one.


Please note that we will be taking stock on the following dates and will therefore be closed for business : 26 MARCH 2021


Like many businesses, we are closing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

DONATION TO: Woodrock Animal Rescue

What an absolutely amazing experience it has been working with Woodrock Animal Rescue. We are honoured to be able to help and know even when the lights go out the surgical team will be able to do and complete operations and keep our furry friends in good health.

We are OPEN for Essential Services: MON – FRI 7:30AM – 3PM
For your Essential Product or Spares Needs during the COVID 19 Lockdown period.