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Pressure Washer Accessories

Turbo Nozzle

Uses centrifugal force to produce a circular strong impact spray pattern. Ideal for cleaning oil from workshop floors, paint on walls, roofs or any other extreme problem areas.

Foam Gun

New heavy-duty design includes complete bottle/lance kit. Fantastic results creating snow bath effect and excellent cleaning.

Floor Washer

The water broom features 3 fixed spray tips mounted on a “rolling broom”. Ideal for cleaning flat surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, workshop floors, abattoir floors, milking sheds, chicken coops and more.

Sand Blasting Unit

The unit strips away paint, rust, dirt and oil and the high-pressure cleaner washes away the debris. The unit is easy to use and works with a standard high-pressure washer. The full attachment option can be bought separately and is compatible with all HOFFMANN high-pressure washers. The unit consists of a suction pipe, hose and head attachment and can be made portable with an additional hose and a bypass valv.

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