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Hot Water Pressure Washer

With Mi-T-M Heater Inside Patented Emf System


Full spare parts back-up

Item details
  • Heavy-duty grade direct drive brass manifold triplex pump, adjustable pressure; installed with pressure switch, thermal protection and safety relief valve
  • Hot water grade professional trigger gun, insulated dual lance, fixed nozzle, hot water pressure hose
  • Powder-coated heavy duty trolley frame
  • Mi-T-M heat exchange unit with patent EMF systems, designed and manufactured in the USA
Top-fired Burner System
  • Designed for easy maintenance of the ignition system. With all the ignition components located at the top of the firing chamber assembly there is no need to crawl under the unit for repairs, which is the case with most designs in the industry.
  • The system has a convenient sight glass so that the functioning of the electrodes and EFM system is always visible.
  • Any adjustment or maintenance of the firing system is easily performed by removing three bolts!
Triple Air Flow
  • The combustion air flows through the coils assembly X 3
First Pass


  • The air is forced between the outside wrap and the coil (yellow); this cool air passes through the chamber serving two funtions:
  • This air is preheated before it enters the firing chamber
Second Pass


  • The air from the first pass chamber is forced into the ignition chamber (red circle); during ignition the air and flame are forced down (red arrows) into the coil assembly raising the temperature of the water passing through the coil


Third Pass


  • The air is forced down the fire chamber in the second pass to the bottom of the chamber and is directed back up between the coil wrap (white arrows); the final step in the process is the air which is exhausted out of the dual chimney system


  • The Triple Air Flow System is designed to keep the heated air in the chamber longer to utilise the maximum amount of heat in the air flow; this design is recognised as one of the most efficient burning assemblies in the industry

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